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Footsteps Transitional Living is a program of the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch.  The Boys Ranch was founded in 1959 to serve children and adolescents in need.  In 1999 they started a Transitional Living Program, now known, as Footsteps.  The purpose of this program is to equip, engage, and support youth as they transition out of the Foster Care System and into independence. In 2014 Footsteps expanded it's mission to include young ladies who are aging out of Foster Care as well.  

Core Values

Want More, Do More, Be More.
Invest in people not products.
Model care and concern for self, others, and environment.
Every interaction is significant.
Embrace positivity through adversity.
Write your own story.

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What we do

To describe what we do is fairly simple. We help youth transition successfully out of the Foster Care System.  In reality our mission is so much more.  We know that to best support these youth, they need to be surrounded by people who care about them, who will nurture their strengths, and lovingly pick them up when they fall down.  Life isn't about making perfect decisions, it is about learning from our mistakes, and charting a different course the next time.

Our youth have the opportunity to enter the program and learn the basics needed to live on their own, while under the supervision and accountability provided by our Group Home (Darr and Laura's).  Once they have tasted success, they will be given the opportunity to move into our Apartment Program (Ascent Apartments) where they will be supported as they continue to master the skills necessary to live independently.  Instead of having to spend money on rent and food, these youth have the ability to put that money directly into a savings account and build a nest egg for the future.



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Darr House

At Darr we work with young men between the ages of 16-21.  We prepare them to exit Foster Care into a successful living arrangement.  In this group home setting, the young men will have the opportunity to learn some of the basics needed to live on their own. There is an emphasis on education, particularly finishing Highs School.  The youth learn how to find and maintain employment, in addition to other day-to-day independent living activities.

424 E. Norton Road

Springfield, Mo. 65803

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About Laura's Home

We are truly appreciative of all the support and look forward to even bigger and better things in 2016.

Laura's Home is a Transitional Living Group Home for young ladies preparing to age out of the Foster Care System.  

Laura's Home was started in 2015 as a program of the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch.  Since 1999 the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch has provided Transitional Living Services, this program is known as Footsteps Transitional Living.

As the Footsteps program grew in notoriety questions began to be asked about our willingness to provide similar services to girls.  That is when Laura's Home was born.  Named after a long time supporter of the Ranch, we expanded Footsteps to Willard to begin our first girls program.  

The mission is unchanged, Stop the Cycle!  Help youth transition successfully out of Foster Care, by providing them the knowledge and experience necessary to live independently.

Thanks to all who have joined in this mission, there is still work to be done, and we could not do it without your support!.




Contact us: (417) 708-5166



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